Tent Making

Last Modified: December 26, 2022  Author: jmcbade

Prayer Request: 

John is still making tents – Um – websites
In the meantime, John has been doing website development as both a tent making effort and to connect with others in the community and around the world.  If you have website making/Marketing on the web or other related consulting work, please let us know.  We also have experts in the family who can write content for you if needed.  John is available via Zoom to help and train you if you are building your own site and need some help sorting it out.

We are also looking at other possibilities
We taught some English in Tokyo and we are willing, if God wants it, to teach here as well.  It did give us interaction with the local community which provided inroads to ministry.  We see that as a possible connection point here in our area as well.  We have also been looking at some work opportunities on the local airbase with the goals of provision and ministry interaction opportunities.

Prayer Request Status: Ongoing