Gift Of Grace
... the McBades serving Jesus in Japan

Thank You!

First of all, we are so thankful for your continued prayers and support.  Your prayers are of utmost importance in this spiritually dark nation of Japan.

That said, here are our current prayer needs:

Current Prayer Needs:

  • God's guidance and timing in starting a new ministry work: We have been visiting and praying about starting a friendship evangelism/discipleship ministry in Sasebo, Kyushu, Japan.  Pray for clear confirmation from God as we continue in this direction.  We want to be on His time-line, neither rushing ahead nor lagging behind.
  • To be able to stand against the enemy's assault: As we push further into God's plan, we feel the spiritual attacks more and more, especially through discouragement and a sense of failing and uselessness.  We need God's power for endurance and to stand in the truth of His word and calling.

Prayer Needs Looking Forward:

  • Housing: As we consider God's leading to Sasebo, please pray for a home located in an area where we will have the most ministry opportunities available.  We would like to have room enough for hosting Bible studies and fellowship/hospitality ministry with easy access for people to get to it. (Parking is particularly lacking in Japanese neighborhoods).  It will also need to be affordable on our budget and adequate for both living and ministry needs.
  • Ministry Building or facility downtown or very close to town: We would like to have a place where we can hold Bible studies, Sunday services, English classes and an English café, as well as various social gatherings and events whereby we can share the gospel.
  • Financial Support: To cover the cost of relocating, and for the monthly costs of the housing and ministry facility.
  • Tent-making Opportunities: It is important for us to work in some capacity within the community in which we serve.  It not only gives us opportunities to meet people, provide a practical way to serve in the community, and help us build the relationships that will lead to evangelism and discipleship, but also off-sets our own living expenses.

Thank you, again, for your prayers.  It means so much to us.  It makes all the difference in how well we are able to reach Japan for Christ!

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