Currently Praying For:

Standing firm against attack:

As we begin to work out God’s plan for ministry, we are experiencing the spiritual attacks more and more, especially through discouragement and a sense of failing and inadequacy . Pray for God’s covering and power for endurance and courage to stand in the truth of His Word and calling.

Wisdom, Guidance and Unity:

As we begin a new ministry in Misawa, pray for wisdom and guidance as we connect with local ministries and determine how we can partner with them.  Pray for unity in the body of Christ and that we would be able to work together with one purpose, one heart and one mind for the kingdom of God.

Ongoing prayers:

Tent Making:

Like the Apostle Paul, we would like to offset some of our financial needs by pursuing “Tent Making” opportunities.  Working in the community not only helps us financially, but affords us abundant opportunities to meet and build relationships with the people of Misawa City.  Please pray for us to find part-time jobs where we can be most effective in sharing the gospel and leading people to Christ.