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... the McBades serving Jesus in Japan
April 5, 2014

Thank You!

We are so thankful for the support we are entrusted with.  Living in Japan is expensive, but actually, because of our location, our cost of living is not that different than living in Santa Barbara, CA. where we are from.

On one hand, we never want to make any of our supporters feel in any way pressured.  On the other hand, we often have our supporting friends say; "How can we help with the special things if you don't tell us?" It is often a difficult balance to make.

What we have done then is to put these needs on this page.  To get here, you need to select it, either from our home page, or one of our newsletter.  So if you are here, you are one of those who wants to know 🙂

Current needs:

  • Moving Expenses: We have just made a big move and have many moving expenses (Moving company, installation of air conditioners, "first and last month's rent, deposits, fees, etc.)
  • A Small Used Car: Our car died literally 2 days before moving.  The infrastructure in Iwakuni is such that we now have to depend on cars alone for transportation.
  • Airfare/Housing: We have been blessed to be able to come home to visit with our family, and church friends and families once a year. Please pray about helping with airfare or housing for these visits.
  • Monthly Financial Support: With our move, we have not yet been able to establish new tentmaking work to supplement our current cost of living needs.
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