Currently Praying For:

Tent Making:

John is still making tents – Um – websites
In the meantime, John has been doing website development as both a tent making effort and to connect with others in the community and around the world.  If you have website making/Marketing on the web or other related consulting work, please let us know.  We also have experts in the family who can write content for you if needed.  John is available via Zoom to help and train you if you are building your own site and need some help sorting it out.

We are also looking at other possibilities
We taught some English in Tokyo and we are willing, if God wants it, to teach here as well.  It did give us interaction with the local community which provided inroads to ministry.  We see that as a possible connection point here in our area as well.  We have also been looking at some work opportunities on the local airbase with the goals of provision and ministry interaction opportunities.

Wisdom, Guidance and Unity:

As we begin a new ministry in Misawa, pray for wisdom and guidance as we connect with local ministries and determine how we can partner with them.  Pray for unity in the body of Christ and that we would be able to work together with one purpose, one heart and one mind for the kingdom of God.

Financial Support:

As God has called us to a new ministry work in Misawa, Japan, we know that He will also provide for it.  God has always guided the hearts of His children in supporting missionary work around the world, and we are thankful for His continual provision for us.  Please pray and consider whether God is guiding you to partner with us financially in this new ministry, either through regular monthly support or one time donations. Support page link:

Reaching out to the community:

We have had many opportunities to reach out and pray with the local community between local residents as those on base.  It’s happening but please keep praying!

Base Connections:

We have a great connection with one of the base chaplains named Ken.  Base ministry is very difficult for Christians as many base Chaplains are not even Christian.  Ken asks for your prayers ans pressure against Christians is surprisingly aggressive.  Ken meets with our team to pray for the Hospitality House and attends our events.

Loaves and Fishes:

We have a program that was here with the last Hospitality House ministry and we are working to bring back up to full speed.  This involves getting the word out and more people aware of the opportunity.  We would love to see this propser for the sake of needs in our community.

Standing firm against attack:

As we begin to work out God’s plan for ministry, we are experiencing the spiritual attacks more and more, especially through discouragement and a sense of failing and inadequacy . Pray for God’s covering and power for endurance and courage to stand in the truth of His Word and calling.

The attacks physically right now especially for John as he is going to be operated on for a small hernia.  The process is slow for Japanese because they need to do a few visits to make this happen.  John is fighting a cold and MAY miss his pre-testing appointment in two days.

Hospitality House Ministry:

God has provided a home for us in a perfect location for a Hospitality House ministry here in Misawa. Please pray that God would use us in this house to minister to the needs of people from all over the city and from within the Misawa Airbase. Pray for us to be faithful and focused as we start meeting regularly for fellowship groups and Bible studies. Pray that God would divinely bring the people He desires to come, and that those who come would be drawn closer to Him.

Base Access Pass:

Praise to God, we currently have short term passes.  We are now in process of applying for a one year pass.  Pray that these passes get approved so we can continue our volunteer work amongst military men and women here.

Please pray for non violence as discussed by the ASEAN PMs and FMs:

Beloved brothers and sisters,

I request you to pray for the children of Myanmar and their friends and relatives for non violence, rule of law, children´s rights and human rights, and democracy through the forgiveness of sins by prayers of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, and acts and blessings by the holy sheep, the holy spirit, God, the community of saints, the church, the angels and the watchers and whomever I forgot.

I request you to pray for the Buddhist community in the past, present and future, and their friends and relatives for non violence, rule of law, children´s rights and human rights through the forgiveness of sins by prayers of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, and acts and blessing by the holy sheep, the Holy Spirit, God, the community of saints, the church, the angels and the watchers and whomever I forgot.

Below are some links why this is necessary, what some demonstrate for, and of examples of friends of the children of Myanmar during the ASEAN meeting about it this week, PM Hun Sen, King Hassanal Bolkiah, PM Joko Widodo, PM Sonexay Siphandone, PM Anwar Ibrahim, President Bongbong Marcos, PM Lee Hsien Loong, PM Prayut, PM Phạm Minh Chính, FM Prak Sokhon, FM Erywan Yusof, FM Retno Marsudi, FM Saleumxay Kommasith, FM Zambry Abdul Kadir, FM Enrique Manalo, FM Vivian Balakrishnan, FM Don Pramudwinai, FM Bùi Thanh Sơn, behind the scenes UN envoy Noeleen Heyzer and request (to pray) for the next G7 meeting by Kyaw Moe Tun. Please pray for their friends and relatives also for non violence, rule of law, children´s rights and human rights etc

Myanmar youth demonstration; China f#cks us. local news

ASEAN humanitarian aid convoy attack, Shan state, this week, english.

Local news. Bullits hit humanitarian convoy.

ASEAN leaders will not give up on peace for Myanmar
FM Retno Marsudi brings all involved around the table after 60 approaches
PM Indonesia calls for non violence ´STOP violence´
UN Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun calls the G7, next week, to end atrocities

Linked friends of the children of Myanmar:
PM Cambodia Hun Sen
Brunei King Hassanal Bolkiah
PM Indonesia Joko Widodo
PM Laos Sonexay Siphandone
PM Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim
President Philipines Bongbong Marcos
PM Singapore Lee Hsien Loong
PM Thailand Prayut Chan-o-cha
PM Vietnam Phạm Minh Chính
FM Cambodia Prak Sokhon
FM Brunei Erywan Yusof
FM Indonesia Retno Marsudi
FM Laos Saleumxay Kommasith
FM Malaysia Zambry Abdul Kadir
FM Philippines Enrique Manalo
FM Singapore Vivian Balakrishnan
FM Thailand Don Pramudwinai
FM Vietnam Bùi Thanh Sơn
UN Special envoy Noeleen Heyzer
UN Ambassador Kyaw Moe Tun

Thank you for joining us in prayer.
Richard X

Answered Prayers

Seiki and Kaoru Takahashi:

We had another opportunity to share our faith with Seiki and Kaoru Takahashi.  Belinda and Kaoru did baking and Seiki and John share music.   These are our new friends we met when we first visited and stayed at their Air B&B.