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... the McBades serving Jesus in Japan

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We're John and Belinda McBade, and this site is about serving God in Japan.  If we were to put a title on this adventure where we are seeing God do great and wonderful things through His amazing grace, we would call it: "Gift of Grace".  So, that is why we call our ministry  “Gift of Grace”.

We have been Christian missionaries in Japan for a little over 14 years.  We received the call from God to be overseas missionaries early in our marriage, and began praying and waiting for when and where we would be sent.  But God’s timing is not always our timing.  After 25 years of waiting and wondering, our prayers were finally answered when He opened the doors wide for us to come to Japan.  Looking back now, we can see God’s wisdom in the whole experience of His preparing us for so long before sending us out to this difficult mission field.

We had to wonder why God would send us to a land where the language was so difficult to learn and master, especially with us being older.   But the call to Japan was loud and clear.  Our dependency on God is so much greater when we must continually seek His help to communicate and connect with the Japanese.  We know this is His way of thinking.   “In your weakness, I am made strong.”  2 Corinthians 12:9

We began our missionary venture in Japan in the city of Ome, Tokyo at Grace Christian Fellowship and international school.  We worked hard at not only learning the language, but at understanding the Japanese people and  learning how best to share the gospel of God’s love with them. We developed many close relationships both inside and outside the church and school through outreach and discipleship ministry, as well as through teaching English classes in the community.

But as all seasons must change, God is moving us into a new season of ministry and is preparing us for a completely new work.  A big part of our preparation for this new season is a time of waiting and praying.  We have moved from Tokyo to the rural city of Iwakuni, in the south western part of Japan, located in the Yamaguchi prefecture.  We are just about an hour’s drive south of Hiroshima.  The much slower lifestyle here is set in an area full of beautiful mountains, flowing rivers and ocean breezes.  This year is a “working rest stop”; a staging area for God to will lead us next.

"I have been chosen!"

As we wait on God, we are attending and beginning to serve at Calvary Chapel Iwakuni, which is primarily attended by Americans from the nearby military base.  Only a few Japanese attend here, but we can see opportunities to meet and share the Gospel with our Japanese neighbors, interacting with the local community and with those whom God brings across our path.

Again, this will be for us a year of seeking the Lord as we serve here in the local church in Iwakuni.  What’s next in our adventure? Our heart’s desire is that God would use us as part of a team in church planting and making disciples here in Japan.  Japan is one of the least reached countries in the world, but with patience and perseverance they will hear and receive the Gospel message into their hearts.   We continually pray for God to send workers into the harvest.  Maybe God is calling you to be a part of His work in Japan?

If you are interested in Japan, or ministry in general, please prayerfully follow along with us.  We also have a newsletter in which we share our adventures in God's Grace through images and accounts of God's work through a ministry that reaches from the hearts of the faithful to people all over the world.

Welcome to our ongoing story...  Come share in the adventure of walking in Faith with the Lord.

John & Belinda

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