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... the McBades serving Jesus in Japan
“Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! For He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory. The Lord has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has revealed in the sight of the nations. He has remembered His mercy and His faithfulness to the house of Israel; All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God.”  Psalm 98: 1-3


Please read! This is really big and important information about our situation and missionary journey, so we really appreciate your taking time to read through this introduction.

If you have any questions about the changes taking place, please write us!

Pastor Rob of CC Thousand Oaks has quoted this to his congregation, and we have taken it to heart and have experienced this in our missionary life:

“Missionaries are those who give up everything to go to a place they are not loved, but are sorely needed, and where they stay until they are loved but no longer needed.”

Those of you who know us well and have followed our story of ministry, understand that God has always taken His time to make changes in our lives and ministry.  Ministry here in Japan has been no exception.  We believe that God made us this way because He knew what it would take to do ministry here in Japan; patience, long suffering and the ability to face trials long term.

God is changing our course in a big way!

When we first moved to Ome-shi, Japan, we figured we might be here maybe 2 years and then we’d move to some other part of the country to partner in or start a new work.  14 years later, God is moving us on from our work here at Grace Christian Fellowship. We are thankful for all the experience, training and ministry God has blessed us with.

But that is not the only change for us!  This year, Calvary Chapel of Santa Barbara has changed their strategy for missions.  While they still support us as one of their missionary efforts in prayer, they have changed their financial support to those missionaries closer to home.

Because we must have a financially supporting church overseeing us in order to retain our visa here in Japan, our official church covering has changed to Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks.  CCTO has also been supporting us financially since we first went out to Japan.

As we have sensed God’s leading, we have been praying for the last few years as to what God’s will and vision for us here in Japan is, and what might be the “next step” in achieving it.

After praying with and meeting with Pastor Rob and his staff, a clear directive is now in motion for us.  We are moving to a new location and entering a new season of ministry in Japan.

We will be spending at least a year in the Yamaguchi prefecture in a small city called Iwakuni.  Iwakuni is about 40 minutes away from Hiroshima.  It’s about 5 hours by Shinkansen

from Tokyo.  It’s about a 12-hour drive from where we live now.  A big move.

The goal is to serve in a church near another military base, (seems God likes us near the US Military).  During that time, we can recharge, (it’s been a long season so far without any real furlough), refocus in prayer and serve assisting at a more newly established fellowship.

CC Iwakuni - Pastor Glen with his wife:

So where is Iwakuni exactly?

Iwakuni is near to the ocean and also has some beautiful areas inland.


Iwakuni is about 50 mins drive from Hiroshima:

Please note: The way to support us has changed some:

We have always throughout our ministry been so blessed with how you have supported us in prayer and financially. We have made it a point not to talk about support in our newsletters but have asked anyone interested in supporting us to go to our website for information.

However, this unique situation means we have to make sure you know there are some changes in how to support us financially, if you feel God leading you to do so.

  • If you send funds, they will need to be sent to Calvary Chapel Thousand Oaks (CCGodspeak)

Godspeak Calvary Chapel,
320 Via Las Brisas, Newbury Park, CA, 91320
Be sure to put “The McBades” or “Missions Japan” in the note field.

  • You can also use their online giving system if that’s easier for you.
    Select “Other” from the dropdown
  • In the “Designate Fund” field put “The McBades” or “Missions Japan”
  • You can send gifts to our PayPal account (if you don’t care about a deduction)

You may use this link for Paypal: http://mcbade-wp/supporting-the-mcbades-in-japan/
Ok, enough said about all the changes for now, but if you want more details, please visit our website and/or email us directly.

Ministry we will be prayerfully leaving behind:

Of course, of the many ministry events we do each year, we will miss the special way we currently celebrate one of the most important events for Christians: Easter.

Holy week:

One of the unique events during Holy week is the Thursday foot washing and communion service.  It’s a close and intimate time where we worship, take communion, wash each other’s feet and pray for each other.

Easter in the park:

And then there is Easter in the park.  Besides the service for adults, we especially focus on the children. After a “bento” style lunch and some fellowship, we invite all the kids in the park to join in an Easter Egg hunt. Besides the sweets inside, there is a Gospel message and invitation to learn more at the church.  One of the most effective paths to ministry here in Japan is through the children.


One of the more effective ways of reaching Non-Christian adults has been the English Café.  We have a regular group of Japanese non-believers attending.  Our Sunday evening service follows and sometimes one or two may stay to experience the service.  Japanese don’t come to church unless they are “invited”.  The English Café is one way to do that.


The ministries we have been doing over the years:


  • International school assistant principal/teacher
  • Sound and media
  • Intercessory prayer
  • VBS/Children’s ministry
  • Women’s ministry/events
  • Women’s counseling and discipleship
  • English Bible studies
  • Outreach events and disaster volunteering
  • Manna ministry (distributing food for local churches and families


  • Oversee and Lead the Worship Ministry
  • Teaching in Bible studies and to the congregation
  • Sound and Media
  • Building and related projects
  • Men’s Fellowship
  • All things “IT”
  • All things “Web”
  • Producer VBS Media – Audio / Visual
  • Men’s counseling and discipleship
  • Part time teacher in the GCIS School

Praying it forward:

Blessings –

  • God’s provision of people to help with our relocating.
  • Support and encouragement from our church members and friends.

Prayers –

  • To find a house in Iwakuni that will meet our needs, be close to our new church, and be in our price range to rent. (We will be traveling to look at houses June 13 through 15)
  • For a smooth transition from our current location and God’s provision for the various expenses involved.
  • To find Christian English teachers to take over our current English classes.
  • God's provision prayerfully, financially as we seek to rebuild part time tent making to help fund the ministry.

Please remember to write us with questions,
concerns and your prayer requests!

A note about Facebook:

We know many of you use Facebook and it is your "goto" for communication.  We have found it is not really an efficient, private and secure manner to communicate.  It also has turned out to be a big distraction from ministry rather than a "net benefit".

Please know we REALLY DO want to hear from you and we respectfully ask that you use regular email instead.

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