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  November 4, 2005
  Building The Foundation

2 Timothy 3:15

…and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Timothy being a young man felt a great burden on his shoulders as a pastor.  He knew the depth of his responsibility in leading the people.  Paul had invested in Timothy all manner of doctrine. 



There was something besides what Paul had invested in Timothy that Paul wanted him to remember; that Timothy has been taught the scriptures from his childhood.  The foundation had been laid in Timothy’s life, so that when he heard the gospel of salvation, Timothy could look to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and measure the truth of Paul’s teachings.

Ministering to the Japanese is in many ways very unique work because of their culture.  There are also principles of ministry that are universal.  As Jesus said Himself to “suffer the little children to come unto to Me”, we as ministers of the Gospel are called to do as Jesus said and follow Paul’s example.

Through the GCF International School and with events, such as a “Halloween Alternative”, we are investing in the foundation of our future pastors, teachers and missionaries.  We are providing them with the tools to discern the Truth and equipping them for every good work.

Sunday October 30th was a big day…

Start with an awesome meal: In the “Calorie Chapel” tradition we enjoyed food and fellowship after Sunday morning service.  This last Sunday however, the Spanish Ministry at GCF treated us to lunch.  It was a little like being home with the Spanish ministry at Calvary Chapel of Santa Barbara, but with Japanese and Portuguese language thrown into the mix.  It was a great way to prepare for the festivities planned that evening.

Prepare for the event:  After lunch, everyone began to pitch in to set up the event.  It was such a blessing to all be working together.  We had some dancers from one of the local Junior High schools participate in the event.  It really added to the excitement having them practice while we were setting up.

Open up the doors and let the music play:  As our visitors arrived they were presented with the gospel at every turn.  Each child received a card with three scriptures to learn.  With their scripture cards in hand they were instructed to visit each of three clowns representing “Joy”, “Love” and “Hope”.  As they recited the scripture to each clown they received a stamp.  When their card was full they received a special prize.

There were game booths, treats to eat, crafts, face painting and of course a “bounce house” to burn off all the energy.  As John took pictures and greeted people he also made sure every child had a custom made balloon animal.  It was amazing how many of the community attended – so many of them not Christian but very open to what God was doing.

At the end of the evening Pastor Jonathan reviewed the scriptures with the clowns from the stage and prayed thanks for the evening. 


  • Thank God for such an awesome event.  It was so wonderful to see all the different people working together for the Gospel.  Many lives – young and old were impacted and the message of salvation was proclaimed.
  • The student and the school are doing well.  The school is a key point in the GCF ministry effort.  The investment we make in these precious young people will return kingdom dividends.
  • The Spanish ministry also continues to grow.  The Word of God’s Grace is extending to all segments of the Ome community and beyond.
  • Luis and Nicola, a intern couple were having some difficulties with their visas as they are taking a month of refresh time with Nicola’s family who live in France.  God is providing for them to transfer their visa from YWAM to be under the covering of GCF.  Pray that goes smoothly.


  • In the months ahead various staff are going on vacation, are attending ministry conferences and traveling to meet family concerns. Pray that the needs to shift roles and cover the various ministries at GCF will be filled in God’s strength.
  • A missionary couple with YWAM, Dave and Maria Mc Daniels, have a son in the International school.  They assist with teaching and ministering the body as an active of the body here at GCF.  Maria is taking a few weeks to minister to her father in the states.  Pray for him as he undergoes a quadruple bipass and for Dave as he remains here in Ome with his son.
  • The first “Worship Fellowship” is this weekend.  This is a big weekend for John and he prepares for the worship, teaching and workshop.  He is also leading the worship team for Sunday.  Next week he will be teaching on Wednesday night while Pastor Jonathan is away at a conference.  John along with the rest of the McBade family are all trying to recover from a cold.  Pray for strength, healing and God’s anointing.
  • We have been using the church van for transportation.  This is a short-term arrangement.  We will soon need to purchase a vehicle.  Part of the funding we raised before we departed from the states but transportation in Japan is expensive.  Please pray for God’s provision.
  • We are having to make changes to the internet provision where we are staying.  The changeover is a little tricky and we will are without internet at the house for the next couple weeks.  We value the ability to keep in contact with you easily and do research.  Pray this goes smoothly and we will be able to be back online soon.
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