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  December 17, 2005
  First Hand Knowledge

I John 1: That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;

Today, in my Bible study with the High School aged students, we started a study in the book of I John.  I was struck very profoundly with this verse in that, since we have been in the mission field, life is very different, but not solely due to the language and culture.  Yes, these are things are radically different because of these factors, but there’s more to it more than that.


  Belinda and I have been on several short-term missions in our Christian lives. I have always been amazed at how God moved in such obvious ways while participating in these life-changing events. Upon our return I have often asked myself, why is it that God seemed to work differently in “the field” than at “home”.

The reason is not because of God, but because of me.  I operate differently when I view myself as “at home” than when I’m “in the field”.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever. 

But this time being a missionary is a very different experience for me.   For now, Japan is my home and I’m also “in the field”.  Although I’m faced daily with the same challenges of serving God “at home”, I can’t go “somewhere else” and escape from those challenges.  I must meet God here, where I am, in the mission field. 

What is so wonderful about this is that God is still meeting me right where I am AND that I am here by choice – here in the mission field and here with God. 

John, as a follower of Jesus, knowing Him personally, seeing Him, leaning upon His breast, experiencing the love of God, the Word of Life – eternal Life, also was able to live with Jesus “first hand”. He lived with Jesus in the mission field.

The challenge for us each day is to examine where we are.  We may change from day to day, but God, His Word, His desire to use us for His kingdom and to live a life as one leaning on His breast, is available to us each day.  The choice is ours.

How is God using you this week?

We always give an update as to how God is using us in Ome.  We would love to hear from you as to how God is using you in YOUR mission field.  We love to hear from you.  You can always write us at: japan@mcbade-wp

How is God using us this week?

It’s amazing to think that we have only been here about 10 weeks!  It feels like so much more than that.  Serving God in reaching people, at home or abroad is all about relationships. We are seeing the effect that building relationships is having in our daily ministry.  Especially as most of the staff are on vacation, we have had greater opportunities to minister to the body here as those who are part of the staff and not just “the new people”.

Belinda and I are helping cover for those who are away by teaching more classes, leading worship more often and being available to those who are seeking the Lord’s wisdom.  We have had the blessing of praying with even more people and    to have that trust given to us in relationships. With fewer outreach events this week, it’s been a blessing to be involved in “in-reach” to the body here at GCF.


God is so good!  We have had so many opportunities to pray with the body here.  I know that many of them read this eNews and I want to respect their privacy, but just know that we are being used to “minister one to another”.

Stevie has been used like the “big brother” to the other young men here.  Last week was Pastor Jonathan’s son Keita’s 14th birthday.  They celebrated with an all night treasure hunt and Kung Fu movie party.  As they spent the night at the church, Stevie was “in charge”.  Great fun was had by all.

The church is adorned with all the Christmas decorations.  The people here are all getting fired up with the “reason for the season”.  It’s been a wonderful taste of being home for us.


It seems that this time of year can easily become a target for the enemy to go after people in the body.  Belinda and I are praying with some people for their families.  Many Japanese Christian women have unsaved husbands.  Pray that Belinda and I could give Godly council and Spirit filled support.

Pray for Jason Lemons.  We are staying at his house as guests while he is deployed in Iraq.  We get an email once in awhile but we haven’t heard from him in a couple weeks.  Pray for God’s protection over him while he is away.

As CRASH begins to accelerate as a ministry this coming year, John will need to dust off and hone his programming skills.  Pray he will be able to balance in the time to work on these while maintaining his other priorities as well.

We are still trying to get some consistent Japanese language training.  It is very important for us to be able to minister to others in their own language, so please keep praying for us in this area.

We usually get to enjoy the Christmas season with family. Please pray for our families as they go through this season with us overseas.

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