Gift Of Grace
... the McBades serving Jesus in Japan

IMG_2317_1“Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.”
Philippians 4:17

We came to give and yet we have received so much joy and blessings! We want to share your blessings with you as we work together to further God’s kingdom in Japan.

Experience Vacation Bible School in Japanese!

We had about 80 children and their parents attend the week long event.  So many children understood the gospel message and raised their hands to receive salvation.  It brings tears of joy to our eyes.  Another exciting thing is that at least one parent listening in also prayed to received salvation! There was one little boy attending who had never had a Bible.  So when he was given one he hugged it tight against his chest the rest of the day.

Vacation Bible School is one event we do every year that takes more effort, yet yields more results (at least it feels that way), than any other.  It takes us months to prepare for and everyone in the church participates in one way or another.  Yes!  God’s body is taking action in Japan!

Everything has to be translated into Japanese: video, song lyrics, anything printed that will be handed out to the kids.  John has quite a job of cutting out the English voices from the video and then recording Japanese “voice actors” to dub in.  He re-edits the whole DVD and then produces it into a completely new one.  It warms our hearts to see the kids watch intently and know they understand clearly.


Check it all out on our website!  You can enjoy samples of the recordings and see MANY MORE! images, by viewing the first three galleries in the media viewer on the front page. Just click this link!



Yukata Party:

At the end of VBS we had a celebration Japanese style with a “Yukata” party.  We all dressed in Japanese summer style clothing and ate traditional Japanese summer foods.  The kids played games and the adults kicked back enjoying a much needed time of relaxation.  Pictures on the website!


Grace International Christian School:

Right now is the calm before the next storm, though, as we prepare for the upcoming school year.  God has blessed us with many new students this year so Belinda is hard at work preparing the materials and curriculum, coordinating schedules and getting ready to train new teachers.  As the vice-principal, with God’s Grace, she sees it all happen.  Pray for more of God’s Grace as she presses on towards the mark of this high calling.

We desire to share more!

One way we are looking to do that is to automatically send out small articles from the website.  Belinda is planning to spend some time each week to write a short collection of thoughts; Words God is putting on her heart and news from her “ministry corner”.  We will send it out to those on our email list and then you can decide by subscription if you wish to keep getting her news each week.  

We are praying for you!

We know how challenging the political and economic climate is in the U.S. right now.  We feel it too as we convert our dollars to yen.  When we moved here, the dollar was worth about 120 yen.  Now it trades at about 85 yen.  To put that in perspective, our rent has gone from about $700.00 to about $1000.00 a month.  We want to thank you all who are supporting us and praying for us.  We want you to know that as you pray for us, we also pray that God will bless you richly as well.  We are an extension of you here in Japan.  Our manifold blessings are yours to share.

This is a long term mission!

As we have stayed the course, we see God moving in the lives of those He has called us to minister to.  We praise Him as we see more and more Japanese learning the deeper things of God’s Word and stepping into different areas of ministry.  They are excited to see God using them in the work of the ministry.  We are excited, also, as we can see so much fruit from His work here in Japan.


  • For a wonderful work of God’s Spirit in the lives of the workers, the parents and the children through the VBS.
  • For God giving John opportunities to teach English and share the Gospel.
  • John and Belinda celebrating 30 years of marriage.
  • For God’s provision in these challenging times.


  • That God would bless the body as they seek Him during these challenging days
  • That John would be able to teach some more English classes and share the Gospel through them.
  • That Belinda would be able have things prepared well for the opening of school.
  • That God would continue to help us with language and culture acquisition.
  • That we would be able to see God’s Spirit work through us to bridge the cultural differences and show the Japanese His Word is not an American religion, but the desire of God to reach ALL of His creation.
  • Pray against discouragement as there is much darkness and spiritual opposition to the gospel.
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