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... the McBades serving Jesus in Japan

belinda_at_crash “For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.
                                                                   -Hebrews 6:10

From John's Desk:
Life is so full lately as you can imagine.  I have sat down to write an update several times over the last couple weeks, but it's been difficult to put into words what I have wanted to say.   Having sent out a few right after the March 11th earthquake, many of you have responded and continue to respond, with words of encouragement and an outpouring of support.  Let me say first off, Belinda and I are so thankful for what God is working though His body and how he has used you to minister to the people of Japan and to us.

I mentioned in one of my past updates about how I know God is here protecting us and sustaining us and His promise is that, come john_at_crashwhat may, He will always remain faithful to His children.  I also shared that with all the truth of His promises I have to be honest, I also am human and have real fears and concerns.  Some of you even wrote me and thanked me for my candid remarks.


Tonight we had a special gathering for an extended time of prayer.  Before the prayer meeting and even during, the periodic aftershocks continue.  When they come, I do feel fear and concern, and my prayer life becomes oh so very fervent.  I was also thinking about what I would write to you who read our updates.  I am praying against concerns, even fears, that are as great as the tremors.

  • That now that the eyes of the world are so fixed upon the nation of Japan, that the cost paid by so many for God to get our attention would not be taken lightly.

  • That we as Christians, in our human nature, will realize, just as we have as missionaries here, that to reach this nation for God has never been a “short term missionary effort.”

  • That we would keep a spiritual perspective. As much as there will now be opportunities to rebuild Japan for years to come, the work to reach the Japanese people and all that are involved in this effort would not be overshadowed solely by “good works”.

  • That Japan, heretofore a little nation that isn’t even in the “10-40” window of missionary efforts, would see a huge increase of those whose hearts God would move to serve Him here.  Last year, over 80 missionaries returned home.

God has allowed this time, these circumstances, to soften the hearts of the world.  Please, Lord, don’t let hearts harden again for the people of Japan.  There is a huge harvest here and the workers are few.

Status Update:

So, here is our status update.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  If you feel God is tugging on your heart for Japan, either to support from where you are, or, to step out in Faith and come here, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to pray with you and help you seek God’s direction.


  • Latest Earthquake information in English: Japanese Meteorological Agency
  • CRASH is transitioning from purely reacting to establishing a long-term response effort.
  • We have had a few more very strong earthquakes, creating a lot more damage in the Tohoku area, but no report yet of any Tsunami.
  • As you may have read, the Japanese power company, TEPCO has had no recourse, but to allow some radioactive contaminated water to flow into the sea.
  • Currently, some supplies; fuel, milk and power remain more consistent, but another strong earthquake/ tsunami is always a possibility.  Such an event could circumvent efforts to keep supplies and power consistent.  
  • There are still over a half million people homeless and relying on response efforts to stay warm, fed and alive.
  • Thoughts of suicide are very real in those who survived and question why.


  • God has preserved us through yet another strong quake today.  We are still here and in a position to serve Him.
  • He has provided for us and we can trust Him to continue to do that.
  • We have been equipped to not only assist with CRASH, but to stand as church staff, meeting needs here as Pastor Jonathan is away serving in the command center.


  • God would continue to show us and help us to meet the needs at hand.
  • Many here in Ome are military and have wives and children now sent back home.  May God help us minister to them.
  • We seem to be experiencing un-natural levels of fatigue. It’s likely stress and the situation.  May God give us Grace and His strength.   May He help us to get truly restful sleep consistantly.
  • He would continue to provide for us in uncertain times.
  • He would protect us from the dangers we are so close to.
  • That we could not get caught up in the “doing” so much that we forget the waiting upon”.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  We are here as an extension of the Body of Christ.  We serve the Lord together with you!

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