LGTWYBL – Summary

So where do we go from here?

First of all, as I said before, learning the Fretboard is very fundamental to learning the guitar, just as are the left and right hand positions. Remember to keep careful watch for these details as you practice.

Bad habits learned now are at least three times as hard to unlearn later. The good news is so are good habits! While you are unlearning a bad habit you will also be trying to learn a new good one. Better to learn it the right way the first time, even if it seems to be taking a bit longer. From here are other pages with other principles and concepts.

I am adding to these pages continually. Be sure to explore the entire site for other topics such as "Chords", "Modes", and "Songwriting".

Now would be a great time to write me and let me know how you´re doing – how I´m doing too.