LGTWYBL – Purpose

Ok, you have my attention but what is with this
"Learning Guitar The Way Your Brain Learns" stuff?

Learning to play guitar is not just about learning musical theory. Although learning the theory of music is useful and even fundamental to learning music, I do not believe it is what makes you the skilled player of an instrument.

Music and the theory behind it is an subject that I never seem to completely grasp as much as it seemed other musicians are able to do. None the less, I still have become a very skilled guitar player and continue to learn new details all the time – some of them in music – not just playing the guitar. My mother for example has a degree in music and although officially retired, still teaches piano. She has for what seems like since I was old enough to talk, tried to teach the things of music to me.

Today, YEARS later, I still get a "ah ha!" when thinking about things she tried to explain to me. I love to E-Mail her so I can share what I finally understood and then ask for more! She has been so patient with me throughout the years and is always willing to teach. I hope I will always be willing to learn.

But there are some road blocks to learning. It's easy to get caught up in their traps but they are easily avoided.