LGTWYBL – Positioning

The Position Wheel:

With your left hand, if you are a right handed, (reverse this if you play left handed), you want to keep your thumb right at the center of the back of the neck, right behind the second fret for the first position.

Pivot your thumb at first rotating and swinging thumb to reach up the neck. Your finger TIPS, (optimum islefthandpositionwheel at 90 degrees in all directions), should do the pressing of the strings – NOT the sides.

Hand – Arm Position:

If you have problems getting the 90 degree position of fingertip try moving your left elbow away from your body while keeping your thumb position the same.

By moving you arm and palm away from you, keeping your fingers stationary will roll your your fingertips into correct angle.

Again, I know this may feel weird or even a bit painful at first, but it will get better I promise! You are stretching your hand in a new way but the body will adapt.

Finger Motion:

As you start fingering chords and notes, remember economy of motion is very important. As you play, use as little movement to place the fingertip on and off the string to fret the string for the note as possible. This will give you better speed as your pace increases.