Ministering to Japan

Mission Field Japan:

Japan, from the outside, appears to be a serene, well-ordered, and prosperous nation. Yet, on the inside, the people are desperate for something to give them hope.

Japan’s entire culture is steeped in Shintoism and Buddhism. Only about 1% of Japanese people call themselves Christian.

The young are embracing western culture at its worst as the next “MTV” generation.

Suicide among young men and kids is growing with a 60% rise amongst kids 13 years old and younger.The most alarming trend is that of suicide pacts, group suicides, aided by internet sites giving detailed instructions on how to carry them out.
Japan has also been experiencing greater and greater economic struggles.

They need to see the light and hope that only a relationship with God can give them.


Our Role:

In over 20 years of ministry with Calvary Chapel of Santa Barbara we have been well fed with great Bible teaching and practical life training.

What has been invested in us we now have a burden to take as an offering to Japan. We will be working alongside Pastor Jonathan Wilson at Grace Christian Fellowship in Ome, Japan, as part of a church planting and discipleship team.

There are needs in every area at Grace

  • Christian Fellowship
  • Raising up leadership
  • Worship team building
  • Multimedia / performing arts
  • Bible studies
  • Office administration
  • Teaching in the International
  • and Sunday schools
  • Outreach ministries
  • Nationwide disaster relief
  • and compassion ministry