Introduction – Learning Guitar The Way Your Brain Learns

Learning Guitar and Related Pages

Jester_Header These resources began when I found an article in one of the music newsgroups that caught my interests. I posted it on my website because so many of my friends and ministry teammates were asking me about the guitar and how they might cultivate their skills for use in the ministry.

If you are not a musicianary like me that's OK! It is my hope that as a beginning or whatever level guitar player you will find things of interest, encouragement, and motivation to be the best player you can.

Please enjoy your visit. Consider that the gift you have and are cultivating was invested in you. Your obligation is to invest it in others. Of course that gets into reality beyond just playing guitar. If you are interested in more of that, visit my ministry section.

So, if you're a returning visitor or if this is your first time, just feel free to venture into the joys of learning guitar without dragging through all the theory. I'll explain more about that later. Copyright: If you visit here I don't charge anything. I ask that you do not copy these pages or their content without written permission, (see Contact). If you create a link to any of these pages, please write me and let me know you are doing so.

What's New?

The main change to this new website is the way everything is laid out. I must tell you it's been no small chore as I have completely reworked the site. All the diagrams have been redone. Navigation should be easier. The layouts should work correctly in most browsers too.