LGTWYBL – Fretboard

In the Beginning Was the Fretboard!

One of the first topics that I believe every guitar player should take the time to learn, is to memorize the fretboard of the guitar. It amazes me how many guitar players haven't done this. You can go very far without memorizing the fretboard but eventually you will reach a roadblock in your learning experience.

You may have heard of the latest rediscovery in learning to read called 'phonics'. Much of our public education system has done the students a great disservice buy teaching letter memorization of the alphabet and whole words rather than the building blocks of forming words being phonics. Some of our great and progressive educators are discovering that people who haven't been able to learn to read, spell, and speak well haven't had a learning disability. Their problem is that they have not been taught in a way that gives them the skills to build or spell their own words. Duh!

I would like to teach you the 'phonics' of building chords and soloing. The more you learn about these guitar elements the more you will be empowered to create musical structures on the guitar.

Before we can start memorizing the fretboard we need to be sure we are holding the guitar properly. The way we hold the guitar and how we place our hands on the neck are fundamental to success. If you learn bad habits here you will be fighting them all the way. Don't set yourself up to be frustrated by not taking the time to get the next sections under control.